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uniquegraphics.co.uk has been selling vinyl graphics online since 2004. In that time our creations have been shipped all over the world, we have fulfilled many unusual requests for designs and have seen them applied to all manner of things.

The original "vision" was to help people translate their personality onto one of the most boring possessions they own. If your car has seen better days, or if it's your first car and you were hoping mum and dad would splash out on a brand new Golf for you but all you got was a Fiat Cinquecento, our graphics are the perfect way to add some life to your wheels. Our graphics have also been applied to motorbikes, caravans, Winnebago's, boats, light aircraft, horse trailers, the list goes on ...

We always enjoy receiving emails asking for something unique and personal, so don't be scared, we have had all kinds of requests, just drop us an email to hello@uniquegraphics.co.uk. Whether it's a personal design or you need inspiration for promoting your business, get in touch and we'll come up with something unique.


UniqueGraphics.co.uk is the best place on the web to find creative graphics and stickers for your car, van, caravan or boat, or for around your home. We specialise in girly stickers, but can create anything for anyone. We are a small business dedicated to putting everything we can into designing and producing unique stickers with the best materials.

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